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Designer Participation Details

Hello, and thank you for becoming a part of the Chance Fashion Community! To find a complete list of our upcoming Show Dates & Themes, please Click here

We welcome ALL DESIGNERS!! In order to sign up to participate in a show, simply review the Designer Requirements and Participant Information listed below, then fill out and submit your Designer Participant Form at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please direct them to and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


  • Must provide at least 6 complete looks or outfits to showcase on the runway
  • Must be present on time at both the Rehearsal and the Show, OR provide the Chance Staff team with the authority to handle your garments for you. (Garments must be turned in no later than the Monday before the rehearsal.)
  • Must register any Talent in advance as Chance Participants. (Models, Photographers, Hair Stylists, Makeup
  • Showcasing garments must meet the theme or genre of each given monthly show
  • Must be 21 or older. (If not, you can send somebody who is, or have our staff team handle your showcase for you.)
  • Must communicate via email in a timely manner and follow all email instructions throughout your participation in the Event
  • Must be willing to work with other Designers and the Production Team to ensure a community focused effort


What we provide for you:

  • A Runway to showcase your Designs & Creative Control of your showcase
  • Venue Facilitation with Lighting, Audio, & Backstage Accommodations
  • Fully staffed & experienced Production Team to coordinate the Event
  • Online & Physical Promotions via Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, an Flier Distribution
  • Photo coverage from multiple photographers returned within 14 days
  • Post-Event promotions online & ongoing referrals throughout the year when applicable

Other Participant Information:

All Participants in Chance are registered with our event, and all Models and Photographers have signed Agreements to participate. If you need any information about a participant after the show, you are welcome to request it. The following is what Chance Fashion provides to designers before, during and after our show.


We have built a list of over 1,000 models. This includes men, women, full figured to petite, both new and experienced. Once we receive your model requirements, we’ll do our best to recruit the models you need. We also advertise casting calls each month, and continuously recruit new models.

If you would like to bring your own models, you are welcome to do so. However, they must:

  • Be 21 or older
  • Register with Chance Fashion on this website at least 24 hours before the rehearsal
  • Be present and on time at both the Rehearsal and the Show
  • Follow all directions provided via email by the Chance Staff Team
  • Be willing to work with other Designers showcasing at the Event


Our database includes over 100 Photographers of various skill levels, all of which have gone through a semi-rigorous registration Process. Photographers are also allowed to set up equipment to be able to spend 1 on 1 time shooting with outfitted Models. In order for a Photographer to shoot at Chance, they must first attend the event as a paid guest without shooting. For events such as the Swimsuit or Lingerie show, we require that Photographers have shot at least 2 previous Chance Events, and this is non-negotiable. For other events, we may make an exception depending on who the Photographer is and what their relationship to the Designer is. Please inquire further for details, or have your Photographer email to register on their own.


We ALWAYS welcome more Hair and Makeup people. The Hair and Makeup team is the first to be compensated after the show, and they share a percentage of Door Sales based on the number of heads completed during an event. However, all Hair and Makeup will be done in A) order of appearance on runway and B) time of Model arrival. If a Designer is bringing in their own Hair and Makeup Stylists, we require that those Stylists be willing to work with the other Models and Designers participating in this show.

Additional Staff:

Designers are allowed to bring in 2 extra staff if needed: 1 to help backstage with Dressing and Fittings, 1 to operate a Vending are if the Designer would like to do so. Staff need to be approved in advance by the staff team, please inquire if you may have any further staff needs.

General Show Process: (More details provided upon Registration.)

  1. Confirm your Participation by filling out and submitting a Designer Participation Form
  2. We send Talent Recruitment emails and start putting Promotional Details together
  3. We send you Promotional & Talent Details via Email
  4. You select Models, promote the show, and prepare for your showcase
  5. We send you an email with full Rehearsal Details
  6. We finalize your Model Lineup & Show Details at Rehearsal
  7. We send a follow-up email with Final Show Details
  8. You follow up with us on any last minute information / changes
  9. We host an amazing show
  10. We send post-event emails for a Show Review, and to distribute Photos

Click here to register as a Chance designer!