Chance Fashion | The Monthly Fashion Show for future and current fashion professionals

Model Participation Details

Hello, and thank you for becoming a part of the Chance Fashion Community! To find a complete list of our upcoming Show Dates & Themes, please Click here

If you are a Model interested in gaining hands-on experience walking the runway, shooting 1-on-1 with Photographers, or connecting with your local fashion community, this is your Chance!

What you can expect as a Participating Model:

  • Regular communication from our Staff Team via
  • A time commitment of one 3 hour long rehearsal and 5 hours day of show
  • The opportunity to work with a broad range of Designers, Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists and Photographers
  • The opportunity to gain exposure through the Chance Fashion Community, including 75-150 regular attendee’s on average, over 2,000 fans on Facebook, and a registered Artist base of 1,000+
  • Runway and Posing training, advice, and development tools
  • One-on-one shooting time with photographers in you designer garments. Photo’s available for download within 14 days at
  • Inclusion in the Active Entertainment Model Distribution list to be notified of any upcoming events, photo shoots, or opportunities we can refer you to
  • The Chance to be awarded, “Model of the Month.”
  • 1 guest free of admission per event (unless otherwise specified)
  • A share of 50% of online ticket sales per event

What we expect of our Models:

  • First and foremost, we are all working together to build a stronger fashion community, so do your best to create a healthy, positive environment for everybody around you. Don’t be a diva.
  • Be on time, and if you can’t make it, notify a staff member
  • Read and respond to casting emails thoroughly. If you do not follow directions, you will not be considered.
  • Remember your responsibility as a Model is to represent the Designer that selects you. Please do not complain about your garment, or change your hair or makeup after being finished. Creative Direction is determined by your Designer and executed by the Staff Team.
  • When using the images, credit Chance Fashion, along with your fellow Artists.
  • Be a part of the event. Tell your friends about what you’re doing, engage your fellow models and the people you’re working with, and use this as an opportunity to establish relationships with your fellow Artists.
  • If you don’t like a photo, if you had an issue with another participant, or if you are not comfortable wearing something for a Designer, please notify a staff member. Do not convey negative feedback to the public. We rely on your input to improve the quality of this event, but we don’t know if you don’t tell us. Have Fun! This is also an opportunity for you to practice your trade as a model, express your creative interests and challenge yourself to develop your talent. Make the most of it!

3-Strike Policy

Our standards are not based on height or experience, they are based on your ability to act as a professional. If you communicate properly, show up on time, and contribute a positive attitude to the community, you should enjoy a positive experience with Chance. If you do something that we don’t like, we’ll tell you. In order to enforce an encouraging environment at Chance, we practice a 3-Strike participation policy as follows:

  1. 1st strike: You will be issued a warning, notifying you what you did wrong
  2. 2nd strike: You will be prohibited from participating in Chance for a period of time
  3. 3rd strike: You will be prohibited from participating in all future Chance and Active Entertainment events

Registration Process

  1. You receive the link to this site
  2. You read all of the information and submit the form at the end of this page
  3. During your in-person casting, we will double-check your paperwork, have you walk for our resident Runway Coach, and take a quick photo to match up with your paperwork. You will be casting during one of our monthly events, so we encourage you to stick around, shoot with participating photographers, and experience how the event works.
  4. We will process your information into our Model Database, and you will officially be registered
  5. You will begin receiving information about upcoming opportunities from
  • Read the emails and respond accordingly to the ones you are interested in. (Simply ignore the ones you are not.)
  • Chance is monthly. Due to the large number of Artist’s we work with, we also occasionally have one-off events, group photo shoots, and other gigs that we can refer Models to. The more involved you get, the more people you will meet, the more you will develop your talent, and the more opportunities you can create through your participation.
  • We do our best to be as informative as possible with each opportunity. If at any point you decide you would like to be removed from the Model Database, simply request us to do so.
  • If at any time you have a concern with any Chance or Active event, NOTIFY A STAFF MEMBER. We have several resident supporters you can talk to about any issues, please take advantage of your ability to contribute to the ongoing development of this event.

A typical schedule for a Chance fashion show is as follows:
5-7PM: Hair/Makeup
7-8:30: Doors open to guests. 1 on 1 shooting time for Models/Photographers
8:30-9:30: Showtime
9:30-whenever the night ends: Networking time

Click here to register as a Chance model!